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Quick Detail Kit


The Quick Detail Kit comes with the essential products necessary to maintain your boat. This economical 3 product package provides the core products you’ll need to keep your boat clean and protected over the course of the season. Kit includes: 

•    Speed Gloss™ Spray Wax and Water Spot Remover
•    Vinyl Clean™
•    Vinyl Condition™

Speed Gloss

Performance Boat Candy™ Speed Gloss is an eco-friendly waterless boat cleaner that uses the finest ingredients available to clean, protect, and add a deep gloss finish to your boat or watercraft. This proprietary formula contains the highest grade Carnauba and polymer wax blend along with a biodegradable water spot remover to produce a clean, long-lasting shine with UVA and UVB protection. Speed Gloss™ gently removes hard water spots and micro contaminants while adding an additional layer of wax for an unparalleled brilliance. It also works great on your tow vehicle!
Vinyl Clean


Performance Boat Candy™ Vinyl Clean is OEM approved for manufactured vinyl or leather and is specifically designed to quickly and gently lift and remove dirt and oils from your boat’s vinyl. This pH balanced formula cleans and preserves vinyl and restores its original brilliance while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Vinyl Clean penetrates pores and leaves your vinyl looking and feeling like new. Tested by the leading marine vinyl manufacturers, Vinyl Clean yields a deep cleaned surface that's safe for daily use. It also works great on your leather truck or car seats.

Vinyl Condition


Performance Boat Candy™ Vinyl Condition is OEM approved for manufactured vinyl or leather and is a non-oily formula engineered to protect and restore your vinyl and leather while repelling dirt and stains. This pH balanced conditioner offers the highest level of UV protection and leaves your vinyl looking and feeling softer. Think of it like a sunblock with SPF 50 protection. Vinyl Condition improves the look, feel, and durability of your boat and car interior to make it last longer. Also try it on your truck and trailer tires for a satin glossy look that protects from drying and cracking.

Crystal Gloss


Performance Boat Candy™ Crystal Gloss polymer wax glaze provides a long-lasting deep shine that repels water spots and micro contaminants. This acrylic blend utilizes an anti-static formula offering the highest level of UVA and UVB protection.