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About Us

About Performance Boat Candy™

Performance Boat Candy is a privately owned company dedicated to providing the world’s best boat care products. Our proprietary formulas are specifically designed to clean, protect, and give boat owners that “new boat feeling” with every use. Each product we sell is a result of sophisticated lab tested formulations that incorporate the finest ingredients, along with years of research and development alongside some of the boating industry’s most well-known OEM’s and manufacturers—such as Eliminator Boats for example. PBC’s products aren’t just made to keep your boat looking great, they also help protect from industrial and environmental fallout, normal use, and the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. As a result of our product quality and effectiveness, PBC is proud to receive all its many unpaid product endorsements from manufacturers and boat racers alike. 

The PBC Advantage

At Performance Boat Candy, we don’t just produce boat care products; we provide a fast and easy-to-use complete boat care system, making it simple for any boat owner to get amazing results at a fraction of what a professional detail job would cost. The PBC Advantage is broken down into two product groups: Base Care and Maintenance. Over time, the surface of your boat’s hull can become scratched, oxidized, water spotted, and faded due to normal use and from environmental factors such as UV radiation, which is why you need to take the recommended steps necessary to avoid costly repairs by utilizing our Base Care products. It’s also important to frequently clean and protect the interior and exterior to avoid damage, drying, and discoloration before and after using your boat with our Maintenance products.

Hull Base Care

Base care starts with our Crystal Cut™ line of compounds and polish, which easily restores your hull’s original finish, making the surface smooth and free from scratches and micro-contaminants. Over time, oxidation and scratches diffuse reflected light caused by microscopic peaks and valleys in your gel coat, paint, or chrome, which can give your boat a dull or hazy appearance. Compounding and polishing the surface provides a smooth, consistent finish that reflects the maximum amount of light, yielding your boat’s true brilliance and shine, making it less likely for minerals and other deposits from “sticking” to the hull. Base Care also includes waxing your hull with our Crystal Gloss™ Wax, made of specialized polymers and gloss enhancers, which bring out a deep crystal clear shine and provide a seal for that freshly cleaned and polished surface—protecting it from UV radiation, water spots, and micro contaminants. We recommend polishing your boat once a year, or as needed, and waxing it two to three times a year to keep your boat looking like new.


The maintenance portion of the PBC Advantage begins each time you use your boat, or when left outdoors for any period of time. Our boat maintenance products include Speed Gloss™, Vinyl Clean™, and Vinyl Condition™. Speed Gloss is a carnauba-based emulsion containing micro cleaners, and a biodegradable water spot removing agent that’s used to quickly clean, wax, and protect your hull each time you use your boat. Finishing out the maintenance of your boat involves cleaning and protecting your vinyl interior with Vinyl Clean and Vinyl Condition. Both products are pH balanced formulas used to maintain and provide UV protection for your boat’s vinyl and rubber, which keeps it soft, moisturized, and protected from fading and cracking.

Before PBC Advantage                                                                    After PBC Advantage